Bradford White 2017 Corporate Convention Details Future Plans

Bradford White Corporation, Ambler, PA – Bradford White Corporation, a leader in American manufacturing of water heating, space heating, and storage products, recently hosted its 2017 Corporate Convention in Philadelphia, PA. Over 450 independent manufacturers’ representatives, staff members, and special guests gathered at the historic Loews Hotel to reaffirm their commitment to American manufacturing and providing customers innovative, high quality products.

The company detailed change and innovation in every facet of business for all subsidiaries, including Bradford White Water Heaters, Laars Heating Systems, Bradford White Canada, and Niles Steel Tank®.

Bruce Carnevale, President George W. Bush, Bob Carnevale, and Nick Giuffre on the main convention stage.

Ross Shafer, a noted author, radio and TV personality, and business consultant, was back for his second turn as emcee of the three-day convention. He and Bruce Carnevale, President and COO of Bradford White Corporation, opened the meeting by welcoming the honored guest: President George W. Bush.

President Bush, in his most emphatic segment, remarked on the importance of American-made products and the impact manufacturing in the U.S. has on the economy and, just as importantly, the American worker.

Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives Kevin Schaal, Matt Guidish, and Nick Brizendine participate in a round table discussion.

Carnevale and Shafer were joined onstage by staff members from each subsidiary, who underscored the company’s continued commitment to provide high-quality and innovative products for their commercial and residential customers. Together, the staff catalogued several completed and planned expansion projects for each of the subsidiaries. Other presentations centered on new product development, industry involvement, and the company’s unwavering support of the trades. Bradford White showed how it is improving every aspect of its business and how the company is deeply involved in support and advocacy for the industry and consumers at large.

Bradford White Corporation and its manufacturers’ representatives pledged to remain faithful to the professional for proper and safe product installation, to support American jobs, to demonstrate a genuine interest in the success of distributors and contractors, to be active in the support of industry trade groups, and to invest strategically in personnel, training, and infrastructure to insure the highest level of service and support to all their customers.

Bruce Carnevale reveals the new constitution of Bradford White Corporation.

“Bradford White Corporation and our reps are heading into a very bright future with the concrete plans and ideas that will make Bradford White Corporation and all our subsidiaries Best-in-Class companies. I believe everyone in attendance understands our commitment to our customers and our industry,” said Carnevale.

Bradford White Corporation is a full line manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial products for water heating, space heating, combination heating and storage applications. The company is headquartered in Ambler, PA and has manufacturing facilities in Middleville, MI, Niles, MI, and Rochester, NH and a distribution and training center in Halton Hills, ON Canada.