Our Philosophy - Bradford White Corporation
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Bradford White Brands

Built to be the Best®

Our Philosophy – Dedicated to the Trade

From our beginnings, we were determined not to be the biggest manufacturer, but to be the best. This affected everything we did including the location of our plants, the people we hired, the relationships we forged within the industry, and, of course, the quality of our products. The temptations have been great to take an easier path, such as selling through large, retail box stores, which always promise huge volumes of sales (what most manufacturers want) but at the cost of discounting our prices and shortchanging the quality of our products. We chose a different path.


Today, Bradford White Corporation and its subsidiaries are proud to have many millions of products installed all over the world for many millions of satisfied customers. For Bradford White, customer satisfaction is the greatest reward.


Bradford White Corporation has strived to instill this philosophy of higher quality products and innovative design and engineering into each of its subsidiaries, and in fact, it touches all relationships, both inside and outside the company–our wholesalers, our reps, and our contractors. All know that Bradford White Corporation stands for the highest quality and the greatest customer satisfaction of any brand in the industry.


Finally, we’re a company that keeps its promises. We don’t turn our backs on the business partners and people that helped us become the company we are today. We will never compromise our standards and fail to keep our promises to the millions of customers who buy our products.

Packaging of Bradford White water heaters
Quality control at Laars hydronic boiler and water storage tank facility
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