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Laars Factory in New Hampshire

Laars Heating Systems manufactures products for space heating, radiant floor heating, volume water heating, and many other residential and commercial applications.

Laars Heating Systems, headquartered in Rochester, NH, designs and manufactures high-efficiency residential and commercial hydronic boilers, volume water heaters, and commercial pool heaters.


Laars offers many innovative, environmentally friendly products, including:

Laars products are widely used in space heating, radiant heating, volume water heating, and industrial processes covering a range of 50,000 to 5,000,000 BTUs utilizing either natural gas or liquid propane fuels.

  • MagnaTherm® FT Commercial Fire Tube Boiler includes the unique TruTracTM O2 trimming system with 20:1 turndown that optimizes combustion to dramatically reduce energy consumption. The heart of the MagnaTherm® FT is the robust Laars CF-TechTM firetube heat exchanger which utilizes contoured flues to reach 95%+ thermal efficiency and extend the life of the heat exchanger.


  • MagnaTherm® HTD Commercial Condensing Boiler or Volume Water Heater with onboard TruTracTM O2 trimming system and Laars VARI-PRIME® pump control (boiler only) that balances 20:1 turndown, combustion, and water flow to dramatically reduce boiler energy consumption.


  • NeoTherm® condensing boiler or volume water heater is a fully packaged, 95% efficient solution for commercial or residential space heating. Available from 80 to 1200 MBH.


  • OmniTherm® Commercial Boiler or Volume Water Heater includes advanced features that bring tangible results to building owners. At the heart is a patent pending stainless steel corrosion resistant heat exchanger, industry leading Electronic Fuel-to-Air ratio combustion control and the advanced Laars LINC® control platform.  All of this has been combined for the first time in a near condensing heating platform, with up to 87% thermal efficiency, intended for use in Category I, II, III and IV venting applications.


  • Pennant® line of fan-assisted, 85% efficient, modular boiler or volume water heaters are available in 7 sizes (500 to 2000 MBH) and with the advanced Laars LINC® control platform; also available as a commercial pool heater.
  • Mighty Therm2® commercial boilers are designed specifically with replacement applications in mind with simple to use controls. It is available in 7 sizes (500 to 2000 MBTH) as a boiler, volume water heater or pool heater.


  • Commercial Electric: Compact electric hydronic boilers up to 300kW and commercial electric storage water heaters up to 360kW with 150 to 2500 gallons of storage are available to solve your commercial electric heating needs.


  • Mini-Therm® JVS & JVH boilers are well-known for economy, durability, and the capacity to keep the largest homes comfortable on the coldest days. In production for decades and well-known by contractors as an ideal boiler for new homes or replacement applications.


  • Mascot® FT Series 95%+ efficient residential space heating or combi (space and domestic water heating) boiler is available as a wall hung or floor standing unit in 5 different sizes from 80 to 199 MBH. Combi Units include an integrated mini-indirect tank to ensure there is always ample domestic hot water at the ready.


  • Laars-Stor® Indirect Water Heaters connect to, and maximize the efficiency of, your Laars space heating boiler to produce domestic hot water. Available in stainless steel or glass lined versions and from 30 to 120-gallon storage capacities.
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